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Business NetWalkers helps you improve your wealth and well being whilst growing your network.  It does this in 5 ways… enhancing mental performance and wellbeing, improving physical fitness, talking and collaboration with like-minded people, sharing knowledge and creating new connections.



Chester, Wirral, North Wales and Cheshire’s original and best wellbeing, educational and networking walking events.

Business NetWalkers
Gail Biddulph

I setup Business NetWalkers to help local business people with their mental and physical wellbeing, business and personal development and an easy way to get to know more business people.  

    Since 2018 the Business NetWalkers have walked together improving mental performance, well being, physical fitness, knowledge sharing and growth in the business community.

    Mental performance and wellbeing

    Businesses are built by people who have enhanced cognitive ability and a strong level of creative thinking and resilience.

    Exercise is proven to enhance our mental wellbeing.


    Talking and collaboration

    Business NetWalkers attract a diverse range of people, eager to walk and talk. From people who have just started in business to CEOs.

    We attract all ages, fitness levels and sectors.

    Physical fitness

    The human body is designed to move. Nowadays most office workers spend far too long at their desks.

    Physical inactivity is dangerous for our health.

    Knowledge sharing

    We love to hear “I didn’t know that”. Humans thrive through curiosity, knowledge and learning.

    Often lessons in business come from an unrelated activity.

    Creating new connections

    Humans crave connections.  Being outside gives a different perspective to a group.  Walking and talking is perfect if you’re new to networking. 

    Creating connections is the antidote to feeling isolated in business.  

    Next event

    FRIDAY 21/10/2022


    11:00am – 1:30pm

    4.6 km (2.8 MILES)

    Chester City
    NetWalking Theme: Know Your Wellbeing Numbers

    More information (click here)

    Chester City Walk 

    We love to share knowledge and information to help us in our life and business. 

    Today we have Zoe Devenport, Director from Henry R Davis & Co Ltd Accountants sharing interesting tips on how we can make our wellbeing numbers really work for us. 

    Our Chester City walk starts from Obscure Coffee, Lower Bridge Street takes us along the riverside and racecourse before heading towards the canal then Grosvenor Park and finishing at The Moorings for optional refreshments or lunch.

    Refreshments at the start of our walk are included in the ticket price.

    What others say

    • My first Business NetWalkers event and I’m hooked.  I was amazed how I found myself completely immersed in the event and not distracted by my phone or emails.  I felt refreshed and recharged.  Met great people and had meaningful conversations.  Gail’s experience and attention to detail shone through every step of the way.  I’d happily recommend Business NetWalkers.

    • Last Friday I went to my first NetWalk arranged by Gail.

      I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyed the few hours we all spent together. It was well organised and something I will look forward to attending again.

      Mark Titley, Financial Planner

    • What a fantastic way to Network! This was so much more than a walk. A diverse mix of businesses and people. Great conversations with some coaching in resilience along the way. A truly unique experience and one that I look forward to repeating. Thank you Gail, I look forward to the next one.

    Years' personal group walking event experience


    Memory improvement from walking


    Improve mood after 45 minute walk


    Problem solving ability increases after nature walk

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