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Business NetWalkers helps you improve your wealth and well being whilst growing your network.  It does this in 5 ways… enhancing mental performance and wellbeing, improving physical fitness, talking and collaboration with like-minded people, sharing knowledge and creating new connections.


If you have a Wirral business, regardless if you’re a start-up or something more established, Business NetWalkers Shrewsbury combines the best of traditional business networking, with meeting other great local business owners, whilst exercising and educational slots with guest speakers.

Come and join us for some netwalking in Shrewsbury!

Shrewsbury’s best wellbeing, educational and networking walking events.

Business NetWalkers
Gail Biddulph

I setup Business NetWalkers as a simple and effective solution to many of our modern day business problems.

In 2019 the Business NetWalkers walked over 595,000 steps improving mental performance, well being, physical fitness, knowledge sharing and growth in the business community.

Mental performance and wellbeing

Businesses are built by people who have enhanced cognitive ability and a strong level of creative thinking and resilience.

Exercise is proven to enhance our mental wellbeing.


Talking and collaboration

Business NetWalkers attract a diverse range of people, eager to walk and talk. From people who have just started in business to CEOs.

We attract all ages, fitness levels and sectors.

Physical fitness

The human body is designed to move. Nowadays most office workers spend far too long at their desks.

Physical inactivity is dangerous for our health.

Knowledge sharing

We love to hear “I didn’t know that”. Humans thrive through curiosity, knowledge and learning.

Often lessons in business come from an unrelated activity.

What people say

I have known Gail for about a year now, through networking. When I started doing Netwalking with Gail I really didn’t realise how powerful it would be, to be on a walk with others and that makes conversation so easy but so useful at the same time. Gail facilitates the networking amazingly – I have come to realise that this is who she is, a class one networker, not for herself but on behalf of you, she has a superb memory that means she introduces you to the people you need to be introduced to. She genuinely likes people and is interested in their lives and business.
Sally Inkster  North West’s Leading Brand Stylist 

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